Hurried, Hectic and sometimes Holy!

Words written on paper are my therapy to coping with a life that is filled with stress, work, and overload. It is my purpose here to write as an emotional release, to write to encourage and to write to update others on our crazy, but devoted Christian family life.  Our family consists of mom (me!), dad, three children at home (sort of!) and 2 adult children in Florida. We do not lead a perfect life of folded laundry, clean dishes and matching socks, but rather a real life of living out of a laundry basket at times, using paper plates and rejoicing when all the socks match coming out of the dryer! I teach learning disabled children in an elementary school and our daughters are pursuing teaching degrees at Longwood University. Our son is a sophomore in high school and is always up to his eyebrows in never-ending homework! Dad works at being retired, but does help me keep my sanity with light housekeeping, running errands and picking up Daniel after school.

This past year in our lives has been different, challenging and very emotional. Our son Daniel has been in a downward spiral with his health. We have watched him go from an active, always outside, teenager working in the yard, his garden or his pigeons to a lethargic young man with no energy to do anything he loves to do. As a parent, it is heart-wrenching to see your child ill, take to him to doctor after doctor and still have no solid diagnosis. To pray and pray and only hit a wall is when your faith is challenged to the very core. Sometimes, I really think that Daniel handles it all better than I do. I have prayed, cried in my coffee cup, and have been totally disillusioned by the medical field. ( I apologize to anyone out there in the medical field…don’t take it personally…it’s a blanket statement.)  Now, we have sought help for him at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The specialists there have taken a team approach to attack one health issue at time and have acknowledged his health issues are “complex”.  Of course, as a mom, I wanted instant answers, instant diagnosis, instant treatment and my boy back to being healthy again.

As a Christian, I am still learning to wait and not lose sight of my Hope. Difficult? Yes! Growing in my faith? Yes! Learning to let go and totally TRUST? Yes! Still crying in my coffee cup sometimes? Yes! God desires for me to lead a holy life, not a perfect life. My prayer is I will glorify Him, even when the chips are down, adversity hangs over like a dark cloud, and even I keep facing the unknowns. In my very hectic but humble life, I acknowledge that Jesus is Lord, and He does have everything under control. Being holy is not an impossible goal, it’s the quiet lifestyle we are living every day and finding Him in all of our life moments.


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