My liquid addictions:  a cup of hot, strong coffee in the early morning and a diet coke that is nursed throughout my school day. My students see me sipping on my diet coke all day, and help me find the familiar can in the panicked moments when I can’t remember where I put it down. So, it was a typical mid-morning phonics lesson with my second grade boys. Four active little boys, making words with a black marker on their individual white boards, watching me casually pull the tab on my diet coke. Then, the hum-drum of a daily lesson was interrupted by a shout, “LOOK!  Mrs. Perkinson, look at your coke!”  There at the top of the can, the coke had formed a perfect arc spreading to the very rim of the can with bubbles spewing up from the opened tab. Four little boys spontaneously dropped their white boards, got on their knees and watched the bubbling brown liquid bubble up and then drain back into the can for several minutes. Our reading lesson was suddenly transformed into an instant science lesson excitedly talking about carbonation, bubbles and how it happened. Finally, all the exploding coke on the top seeped back into the can and we continued our reading activities. 

    ” Look!” It made me drop everything and share in a precious moment with four second grade boys fascinated by what was right in front of them. In this difficult past year with Daniel’s health issues, how many times has God whispered in my ears, “Look” ?

     “Look”…I have provided for you when you thought you were at the end of your rope and your pantry was the barest of bare.

     “Look”…a dear friend wrapped you in a bear hug today.

     “Look”…your son is laughing over a silly antic with you.

     “Look”…this Bible verse is just for you today, I love you so much.

     “Look”…I prompted your family to help you around the house because I know you are weary and exhausted. 


Take a moment, breathe in His peace that transcends all understanding, Look with fresh eyes, hear with listening ears and feel His arms wrapped around you. He loves you, He is in control. He wants you to LOOK for Him in every situation, and be assured He Is with us always. 



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