….and then a baby:)

       On January 16, 2013, I became an “official” Nana! Our oldest daughter Christin, who lives in Florida, safely delivered a beautiful baby girl. Little Eleanor Jane made her appearance at 7:03 am and my world has forever changed. I got “the call” when I was teaching a spelling lesson with eight children gathered around me. It was all I could do to not burst into tears of pure relief and joy. Little Ellie decided to come one month early so I did not expect the call until February.  My emotions ran in extremes from happy, excited, wonder, and joy to a pure puddle of relief that everyone was healthy and doing well.

     I did not give birth to Christin, she is an integral part of the “package deal” I received when I married Clif 25 years ago. He had two children from his previous marriage and I transitioned from single/never married to married with children within the hour of a marriage ceremony! Christin and her brother Jonathan have been a joyful addition to my life. Was our blended family like “The Brady Bunch”? “NO”! It was one transition after another, but all within boundaries of love, gratitude and a whole lot of prayer. And now…there’s little baby Ellie…with so many that love her, adore her and could just plain eat her up in kisses!

      ….a baby, a new beginning, a chance to start again, a do-over, a fresh slate…all wrapped in a soft,pink blanket totally dependent on those around her for love, food, security, nurturing and comfort.

     ….a baby…wrapped in swaddling clothes, born in a smell,noisy barn…was also our new beginning, our do-over and our humble King totally dependent upon His young mother and earthly kind father. Now, over two thousand years later, He still reigns actively and alive within us and in our world. He is no longer dependent upon sweet Mary and Joseph, but we are completely, totally and surrendering to His wisdom, His touch, His miracles and His love.

     Thank you sweet Jesus for coming as a precious baby into our world, to save us, to love us and to protect us. We praise Your Holy name forever. Thank you for giving us sweet Ellie. You are beyond good to us. Amen




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