Moving Mountains….one anthill at a time.

     Surprise! There was a sprinkle of snow on the ground this morning and we got a blissful two hour delay. A load of laundry got thrown into the washer, homemade vegetable soup dumped into the slow cooker, and the trash was taken out all within a few minutes. Feeling rather organized and on top of things, I actually got to enjoy a few minutes snuggling in bed with our puppies. And then….the emotional warfare began its downward spiral as I attempted again and again to wake Daniel up to go to school.

      Part of the frustration in this endless cycle, is knowing that he really wants to go to school, he wants to do well and he wants to please.  Mentally, all those desires are prominent, but physically the unexplainable, overwhelming fatigue overrules and he is not able to even sit up in bed, much less get up and function.  I’ve had people tell me, “Oh he’s a teenager, they always want to sleep in” or “it’s his age”  and even, “throw a glass of water on him, that’ll get him up!” All well intended comments, but his fatigue is far beyond just wanting to sleep in late.  It’s frustrating, and frazzling to deal with and to know we’ve been to doctor after doctor with no more results now then when we started almost two years ago. No, he couldn’t go to school today and slept solid for 22 hours. A few weeks ago, I would have cried about the situation, now I’m just royally ticked off that the issue keeps going on with NO definite answers.

       On Monday, we are scheduled to see an infectious disease specialist at MCV. No, I do not have high hopes for answers, but instead try to view it as one more piece of the puzzle,  Johns Hopkins Hospital also contacted us for a follow-up visit and to see yet another specialist. Once all the specialists there coordinate a time/day for us to meet we’ll be going back.  We’ll also be having a 504 meeting at the high school next week since he medically qualifies for accommodations.  The pieces are falling into little cracks of the sidewalk at an excruciating slow pace, while I’m learning to glean lessons from this journey, Once we get to the other side, our character will be refined, purified and glorified….but in the meantime, prayer, coffee and occasional chocolate are moving those mountains!


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