Just A Glimpse

     This past weekend I was allowed the privilege of seeing our son Daniel alert, awake and enjoying life moments.  All ordinary moments turned into extraordinary ones. We take for granted having conversations with our children, helping make a meal and just watching them frolicking outside in the snow. When your child has been ill for so long, you desire these ordinary, even mundane moments.

     On Saturday, with snow on the ground and it being more than just cold outside, I decided to make a crockpot of chili. I was chopping the onions to caramelize when Daniel walked into the kitchen and asked if he could help. Memories of him standing in a chair at the kitchen counter “helping mom cook” rushed through my head as I handed him the onions, knife and cutting board.  Together in the kitchen, we laughed over crying about chopping onions, talked about what size to chop the peppers and created a chili that was out of this world! Just a glimpse…of an ordinary moment of cooking together and savoring our silly moments .

       Later that afternoon our “adopted” grandchildren from church came over to see Nana and Papa. Of course, they wanted to play in the snow. Daniel obliged and helped to bundle them up from head to toe. Watching them romp around the backyard, throwing snowballs that fell apart as soon as they left their hands brought pure contentment.  Just a glimpse…of an ordinary moment of my grown up boy playing outside, grinning, running and making two young children laugh in the snow.

     At bedtime, the little ones spent the night and were all tucked in with stuffed animals and a million kisses from their Nana.  Not even five minutes later, I was in bed reading my cooking magazine when a little one appeared at my doorway, Clutching her teddy bear and giving me puppy dog eyes, ” Nana, can I pleeeeaaassseeee  get in your bed?”  Of course! Rolling back the covers, she crawled in and proceeded to cuddle up and go to sleep within two minutes flat.  Daniel came in later and saw her peacefully sleeping beside me, In whispers, I told him to pick her up and put her back to her bed. Those long strong man arms, picked her up, held her against his chest and tucked her back in without her ever waking up. Just a glimpse…of what a wonderful, loving daddy this man-child will be one day.

      Glimpses of God’s Glory right at our fingertips…so simple, so ordinary and I am so grateful!


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