Red Velvet Cake

      School, meetings and running an errand after school was pushing me into the “I’m really tired and want to go home” mode. On a complete whim, I parked in front of Chester’s family owned bakery: DeLish.  Swinging open the bakery door I was bombarded with sweet homemade aromas of breads, cookies and cakes.  My eyes took in the case filled with cupcakes, cookies, breads and in the center, a perfect, petite red velvet cake.  The sweet young cashier/waitress knows our family by face and the fact that we LOVE the red velvet cake! “We just put the cake in the case a few minutes ago” she told me. No other convincing was needed, before you could say “red velvet cake”  it was in a box, paid for and sitting on the passenger seat of my car going home with me!

       The first time I ever ate their red velvet cake was this past summer. I took a dear friend there for her birthday and she chose red velvet cake for her birthday treat for us to share. Secretly, I was wishing she had chosen the chocolate cake, but it was her birthday so I kept my mouth shut and told myself to endure the red velvet cake. One bite of that homemade cream cheese icing and perfect red sugary, buttery cake and I was totally addicted to that cake! Then we looked for excuses to celebrate anything and everything with that cake! Never is a crumb, morsel or even a snippet of cream cheese icing ever left when those Perkinsons decide to eat red velvet cake from DeLish  Bakery.

      When I bought the cake home, there was no special occasion to celebrate. It was just an ordinary day.  An ordinary day to tell my “men” how much I love them. An ordinary day to tell my “girls” how special they are to me. An ordinary day to pet the dogs and cuddle up with them. An ordinary day to sit in the sunroom and chat with Daniel. An ordinary day to catch up on straightening up a bit, putting things away and getting some things organized for taxes. An ordinary day….and it was perfect for eating perfect, smooth (never lumps or bumps) white with a sprinkle of red crumbs red velvet cake!


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