Beauty From Ashes

      God’s Word promises to bring beauty from our ashes. Ashes of bondage to fear, intimidation and negativity in my life held me captive until I was in my thirties. Now, those ashes have been long swept away and replaced by beauty that still takes my breath away.  My children, Sarah, Rebekah and Daniel are the promises of God’s beauty in living proof.       Sarah is a ray of pure sunshine when she walks into a room. Her love for the LORD is so evident, so pure, so contagious.  Plus, she’s a drop dead gorgeous redhead! Creativity flows from her like water in an overturned pitcher. When she was in her toddler years, we literally had to lock away art supplies so our walls, floors and any area she could use for her canvas was not instantly decorated.  We still tease her because she always leaves a “trail” from room to room of her creative projects….a paintbrush, markers, pens, canvas, yarn and the list of Sarah “messes” never ends! Warmth, kindness and compassion radiate to all around her.  She knows God’s Word and don’t cross her on it…she’ll win hands down! Sensitivity and empathy are natural to her. She is the biggest and most loyal fan of I Love Lucy, gets SO excited about snow and LOVES Christmas. Sarah is…my irresistible  beauty from the soot and ashes of my life.

     Rebekah is southern sass, spitfire and attitude all in a beautiful young woman who loves Jesus and life to the fullest.  She has beautiful brown eyes and soft swirly natural curls that make the rest of us with super straight hair very jealous! Rebekah tells it like it is, laughs loudly and sings country music songs even louder. She knows every word to every Taylor Swift song out there and will stand for hours for a front row seat at free country music concerts. Rebekah is firmly grounded in her faith and shows her faith with reckless abandonment to all.  If there’s a goal to accomplish, Rebekah will go after it and not back down. She cooks, southern style, and loves to curl up with a good book. My “coupon queen” finds bargains to put extreme couponers to shame.  She may be an extrovert, but she’d rather work behind the scenes and not have any recognition for the work she’s doing for others. Rebekah is refreshment for my soul and pure, simple beauty from the ash piles of my life.

    Daniel, is the unexpected blessing in my life. We were informed we would not be able to have any more children after the birth of Rebekah. Then, lo and behold, Clif got downsized right out of his job and we found out we were expecting another baby! Daniel is solid, serious and an out of the box thinker.  His faith is firm, but not flamboyant. He loves being outside and can make a dead plant grow by his sheer determination.  Daniel is my outdoors man and loves to work in the yard. Every vegetable and flower that grows in our yard is from his meticulous care.  His brilliant mind goes a mile a minute and his knowledge astounds me. He’s a problem solver, a mathematician and a hands-on learner. Just the facts appeal to him and fiction bores him. His smile will melt your heart and those strong hands have helped me in kitchen, delicately fed baby pigeons and and have held babies without being nervous. Daniel is a runner, a researcher and relentless beauty from the dry ashes of my life.

     Ashes, dry, brittle, gray and useless…transformed into breathtaking beauty all by God’s Hands, His promises and His time.


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