What if….

       This week has been an emotional upheaval with the death of a sixteen year old young man to his battle with cancer.  Daniel was in Sunday School with him and participated in local missions projects with him.  School has been more than hectic, with deadlines breathing down my neck and upcoming paperwork looming over me. Daniel has had his share of moments between feeling halfway decent to crawled up on the couch wrapped in his quilt.   Though, I have to admit, he has been more alert this week than he’s been in a very long time.  I can’t really say he’s “better”, but he has been awake for longer periods of time this week. 

What if….it had been my son suffering from cancer and then going to heaven’s streets of gold this week?

What if….I didn’t have such a stressful job and could really enjoy my family more during the week?

What if….we don’t find a reason for Daniel’s fatigue and utter exhaustion for most of his waking hours?

What if….his healing does not come and we have to find ways to deal with it on a daily basis?

What if…I wrestle with God, like Jacob did so many years ago, and don’t give up or give in until I walk away with a limp?

What if….the answers we have searched for almost 2 years are not found?

What if… God is using this in His infinite wisdom for a far greater reason than I can even fathom?

Regardless of the “what if’s”, God is God…Holy, Magnificent, Wise, Perfect and All Knowing.  He alone will fight this battle for us. He alone will bless us.


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