My Precious Man

        Since I’ve written about our children being the beauty from the ashes of my childhood, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention my sweet husband as the greatest blessing to me in my earthly life.  Clif and I have been married a 24 years and in those years there’s never been a day without hearing “I love you.”  There’s never been a screaming match, raised voices  or sarcastic put-downs at each other.  No silent treatments or harsh words have crossed our paths together. This is not to say we’ve never disagreed, or had different opinions but the negativity I grew up with has not been repeated in my marriage.

      The precious man I married is still my hero, my best friend and the one who eats more chocolate than I do! He is one who stays calm and logical when I just want to cry in pure frustration.  His words are few and wise when discussing an issue.  Sometimes the pure logic drives me crazy because I tend to be more emotional and think with my heart on my sleeve.  He is one who always takes care of us, sacrifices personally and never complains when the housework spirals out of control when life gets crazy. 

      A husband who’s man enough to do the dishes, the laundry, pick up the kids and still send me a sexy text at work. He’s the one who listens to every venting session I have, forgives me when I screw up the checkbook, and tells me I’m beautiful when I feel very unattractive. Those blue eyes still make my heart skip a beat and I can’t wait to get home to him every afternoon.

     He likes TV…I hate TV. He spends hours on the computer…I only use a computer when I absolutely have to.  He loves anchovies on saltines…I have to leave the room because the fish smell makes me nauseous. He loves the mountains….I love burying my toes in the sand and listening to those ocean waves.  So different, but yet God chose him to be my husband,

       Every morning I bring him a cup of hot coffee. Back rubs are freebies. Cooking for him is one of my greatest pleasures. When I’m at the store, I usually pick up a little something for him just because I love him. Spoil him….yes, very much, but love him even more. During this illness with Daniel, he has been the rational one, the logical one and the worrier, whereas I’ve been the emotional one and the one who prays relentlessly.  Actually, we’ve kept each other balanced and grounded in a trial that could easily topple any relationship.

       It is purely coincidence that this blog is written right before Valentine’s Day, I don’t need a holiday to express the pure, everlasting love I have for my sweet man. I love him unashamedly and appreciate every single little act of kindness he does to bless my life. Of course. a sexy text now and them doesn’t hurt either!


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