These Moments

      Exactly two years ago on President’s Day weekend, we began the mysterious downward spiral of Daniel’s health.  He was supposed to get up early and take the Math and Science Center entrance exam, instead he was so sick he couldn’t move out of the bed.  After a couple days of rest, ginger ale and chicken noodle soup he was up and back into his school and home routine. Slowly and ever so subtle, fatigue started creeping into his physical body. It was so gradual, we didn’t even notice or ever begin to think anything was wrong until he started taking naps every day after school.  This was the child who NEVER took naps after his first steps, NEVER slept through the night and went to bed building intricate Lego creations in his bed.

      A quick trip to our doctor showed an under active thyroid, medication was prescribed and we thought: “problem solved”.  But, no, the thyroid condition was only the beginning of a medical journey that has baffled every physician, and specialist we’ve visited in the past year and a half.  Traveling to Johns Hopkins Hospital only confirmed what we already knew: complex health issues, but no definite pinpointed diagnosis.

      As a mom, I am very grateful that the “awful” stuff like Lyme’s Disease, lupus and quirky diseases have been pretty much ruled out.  I’m grateful he’s still able to go to school on most days, though it is with medical accommodations. I also acknowledge that our situation could be far worse than it is, so, I look for moments to get me through the dark days, the frustration and the silent falling tears.

         Moments of watching him go outside to rake out the flower bed, feeding the birds and sweeping the laundry room so the dogs will have a clean room bring tears of joy.  Pleasure is found in moments of seeing him eat a full meal, play with the dogs and watch the History Channel on TV.  These precious moments of seeing him awake and trying to keep up with school work pull at my heartstrings daily.  Moments we so easily take for granted are savored, cherished and pondered. Of course, he’s 16 and doesn’t understand why mom gets teary-eyed when he takes out the trash. but it really doesn’t matter.  I’m savoring these moments and when we get to the other side of this mountain, I will remember these moments.


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