How much does a parent pay or go through to see their child well again? Rhetorical question with an obvious answer….you do whatever it takes to restore your child to health. Our latest expedition to find answers for Daniel led us to Cleveland, Ohio and we saw a specialist for chronic fatigue today.  After a 2 hour visit we left with the strong possibility of chronic fatigue syndrome, 4 pages of labwork to be completed before we return home and a treatment plan.  Yes, I said…a treatment plan…finally! 

     It is strongly suspected he may have mytochondria disease and/or food allergies. He’s also being checked for every mineral/vitamin deficiency known to man.  Mytochrondria disease is when his body does not use calorie intake properly to produce energy as it should.  When it was described to me, I wasn’t surprised, I was just glad we were finally putting a name to the physcial things going on with him.  No fancy treatment for it or for chronic fatigue syndrome…just common sense healthy eating, rest and supplements to help increase energy levels.

       No, we don’t have all the answers yet, but we will very soon.  It’s been a very long, difficult, nerve-racking journey, but I can honestly say that by summertime he should be feeling a lot better.  Not cured, but better.  Sometimes miracles come step by step, and I got to witness step one today…..AMEN!


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