Dark Before Dawn

     In the last two years with Daniel’s health issues, we have spent a majority of that time waiting.  Waiting for lab results, waiting to see if new medications will work, waiting for appointments to see yet another specialist have been part of our daily routine.  Last week’s trip to the Cleveland Clinic gave us relief and a hope for better days ahead.  All the lab results have not come in yet, but some have. Now, after two very long years, the puzzle pieces are just beginning to come together. From past medical visits, we know he has a thyroid issue, now we know he also has a Vitamin D deficiency and a severe dairy allergy. When I got the phone call at work, and was told the news, I could have kissed her feet through the phone!  Finally, we have a definite diagnosis and a treatment plan….I can’t even begin to tell you how excited and relieved I am to be able to type those words!

       From the beginning of this journey we were told that his medical issues were complex, and now I realize the actual truth of that statement.  Now, we can begin to break through the darkness of the unknown and joyfully dance into a new dawn of seeing him start to feel better.  It won’t happen instantly, and I’ve got a lot to learn about cooking without dairy  (sorry, Paula Deen, I love you but my boy can’t have butter!), but a new morning will arise from the consuming darkness that has surrounded us.

      Next week we’ll have the rest of the lab results and we will deal with it.  Somehow, just putting a name to it all makes it easier to handle. Daniel’s response to the confirmed allergy, “Well, at least now I know that I’m not going crazy!”  Makes me want to smack every professional that has said to me, “Are you sure he’s not depressed?”   The confirmation of a physical illness was worth every penny spent going to the Cleveland Clinic. I don’t have a prejudice against mental health issues, but we all knew from the very beginning it wasn’t depression. It’s just very discouraging that depression is so quickly assumed when a physical diagnosis is not evident on round one of lab work.       Now, we have a partial confirmed diagnosis, a new lifestyle ahead of us and the darkness is lifting. A brilliant, dazzling dawn of better health is breaking on the horizon before us…..praise God, Praise God, PRAISE GOD!


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