That’s My Girl!

        Tonight we bought Sarah baby her college graduation gift…a Canon T3 camera…a “big girl” camera!  Yes, we got it for her early so she can have fun taking pictures her last few weeks at school. She really wanted it for Christmas, but after a realistic chat, we all decided it would be her graduation gift. There aren’t enough words in a thesaurus to describe her pure, uninhibited excitement!  The Cabbage Patch doll she wanted at age five doesn’t even come close to the joy she’s expressing right now as I write this post.

      Sarah is our child who always worked hard, always did her best, but never quite made it to the academic honor roll. She has always been the compassionate, kind child who always puts others before herself. Now she is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous young woman who will graduate from Longwood in May.  Her graduation will mark my 30 years from James Madison.  Yes, I do feel maybe just a little old…but so very thankful. 

      I still remember almost every detail of my college graduation…the white dress I wore underneath the robe,the strappy white sandals, my daddy’s proud grin, the absolutely gorgeous day, and literally jumping for joy after receiving that paper scroll! I have no recollection of the speaker, the speeches,,,just remember walking to get that long awaited degree! And now, 30 years later, I will watch our beautiful redhead walk to receive her hard-earned degree.

      You can bet your bottom dollar there will be tears…tears of joy, tears of gratitude, tears of relief.  Her joy, our thankfulness, her excitement, our happiness, her reward, our contentment all mingled into one ceremony that will be unforgettable.  That’s my girl…the adorable redhead with her brand new camera taking a million pictures!


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