One Day

     At the end of the week, we got a phone call from the neurology medical team with Daniel’s results.  The lab work and the MRI were normal except for one blip in his lab work. Every single time lab work is taken, at least one result comes back elevated. No explanation, no danger zones, but just enough to tell us that something is still lurking. All the puzzle pieces to his mysterious life-altering fatigue are still floating out there and not even close to being put together yet.  I talked with the neurologist at length, expressing my ongoing frustration with the entire journey.  Finally, she bluntly asked me, “Mrs. Perkinson, what do you want from us?”     
I want son back, plain and simple. I want a medical diagnosis that is solid, firm and can be treated quickly.  I want my son to have his life back with his days filled with being outside enjoying his garden and pigeons.  I want to see him loving school and church again instead of being so tired he can only move from his bed to the couch and back again. I want our lives to not have to revolve around doctor appointments, medical tests and lab work.
Basically, I was told from some of the top-rated doctors at MCV, “We don’t know what’s wrong with your son.” I, personally, have a very difficult time accepting this answer. It completely baffles me as to why some of the supposedly best specialists in their field can not come with a solid diagnosis for Daniel. This answer would not be accepted by parents of my students if I simply told them, “I don’t know what’s wrong.” They probably would want to fire me or at least send a nasty letter to the school board.
So, we move on, surrounded and uplifted in prayer. One day, we will know the answers. One day, I’ll look back on this and see God’s Hands in every moment. One day my son will have his life back and will tell a testimony that will raise the roof in praise. One day I’ll be the mom can honestly answer, “I’m just fine.” when someone asks how I’m doing. One day is coming, one day is near, one day is what we are hoping, praying and trusting for in each moment of these days.


2 thoughts on “One Day

    • Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I apologize for the delayed response, your comment was accidentally placed in the spam folder. I wish you well and I am thrilled God is using my simple blog for His great glory. Teresa Perkinson

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