Small Victories

     Today, at lunchtime, “the letter” came by fax to me at school. I walked up to the office area to drop off some papers to copy and the secretary told me she had just put a fax in my box. There on the front of the cover letter were the words: ANTHEM Healthkeepers, I was almost afraid to look at the second page and braced myself emotionally before I lifted the top page.  After the usual blah-blah pleasantries was the sentence I’d been praying for: Your visit to Cleveland Clinic has been approved.  I didn’t know whether to dance in the work room or just bawl out of pure relief.  Now we don’t have to put out over $700 out of pocket and I don’t have to go any further in the appeals process.  Praise GOD!  It is not my nature to have to be “firmly assertive” and OK, just a little nasty, but for my children I will do what it takes to get the medical care they need. Refusing to back down has its delayed rewards and as my husband says, “Don’t mess with my redhead!” 

     We will be traveling back to UVA a little sooner than we thought.  A cancellation appointment on next Monday afternoon is now ours and we don’t have to wait until mid-May to see the sleep specialist.  Again, God’s Hands are so obvious and we are so grateful for His power to move mountains for us.

      I played phone tag with the Cleveland Clinic for several days last week and finally got a response today.  Daniel has followed the strict gluten free, dairy free diet (think vegan to the extreme!) for over a month and there has been NO change in his fatigue level.  So, they gave us permission to re-introduce eggs and wheat back into his diet. He’ll always have to be careful with milk products, but at least I don’t have to knock myself out trying to make gluten free bread all the time now. We’ll continue to be careful with gluten, but a slice a of “real” bread now and then is not going to radically change his health status. Again, it’s a relief for us, because buying gluten free foods is extremely expensive. Respect and sympathy go out to celiac disease sufferers and those with wheat allergies.  

     I wish I could say that every obstacle has been overcome, but it hasn’t.  We still have a very long way to go and many more battles ahead of us.  Trudging forward is the only option we have and we will eventually be able to look back and see how far God has brought us.  Until then, we treasure every victory and just keep breathing, going and praying.


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