Happy Birthday Rebekah!

       Happy Birthday to my baby girl who is now officially an adult! In the past 21 years I have had the honor to raise you, to love you, to nurture you and now the privilege of watching you transform into the godly woman God wants you to be. Whatever HE wants you to be is guaranteed to be wild, fun, and oh so tainted with country charm!

Happy 21st Birthday to the precious girl who:

Could pout with the best diva around at age 2 with hands on your hips and piercing brown eyes!

Can make the best biscuits this side of the Paula Deen Georgia line.

Thinks a prayer and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s will solve any problem.

Knows every coupon and free sample link known to man!

Sings in the shower just because she wants to, that’s why.

Can strut her stuff in a pair of jeans and boots and really not care what others think.

Shoots left-handed…very accurately…on the bull’s eye!

Honestly tells me, “Mom, don’t wear that, it makes you look fat.”

Has stolen her Daddy’s heart from the moment she was born.

Works hard, plays hard and loves life passionately.

       Happy Birthday Rebekah! Thanks for teaching all of us that a little country won’t hurt us and loving life with a passion is to be admired. You are loved beyond measure and I can’t wait to see what God does next in your life. Happy 21st sweet one, you make us so proud!



A Woman on a Mission

     The last two days of spring break have been filled with specialist appointments for Daniel, most of which were in a very cramped purple and white room with butterflies painted on the ceiling. I swear they must have converted a storage closet into an exam room.  Yesterday we spent our entire afternoon at MCV Children’s Pavilion meeting with three neurological specialists.  No, no one still knows what’s exactly wrong with him and why his overwhelming exhaustion won’t go away.  Now an MRI has been ordered and of course, another round of lab work was completed.  Poor baby, I feel so sorry for him with pricks, probes and bruises. So again, we wait…and wait…and wait.

      He has been so good about following a dairy free and gluten free diet, but so far it has not even begun to touch his fatigue level.  I, on the other hand, have followed it with him and feel so much better with a clearer head and more energy…go figure! I’ve also discovered that eating this way is rather expensive…the grocery budget was gone after two trips to the store!  So, after doing some “mom” internet research I realized very quickly it’ll be a whole lot cheaper for me to make my own bread.

     So, after a rough morning today with Daniel feeling awful and Clif having a headache, I needed some serious Jesus time.  Driving with the Christian music blaring I was determined to find a cheap bread maker and to get the gluten free grains needed to make our own bread.  First stop was the Good Foods grocery store, which has been expanded to a very large store now.  I found several grains I could use, bought some different protein bars for Daniel to try ( he said the last one he ate tasted like bird food) and rounded out the purchases with some fresh produce.  Then, onto to Goodwill to look for a bread maker…nope, couldn’t find one but I had fun just piddling around in the store. At the last minute on the way home I decided to stop at Ollie’s warehouse ( think really cheap surplus STUFF!).  I wandered up and down the housewares aisles, but no bread makers in sight. Asking for help didn’t produce one either, but I decided to look one more time before going home. Sure enough, at the very end of the aisle, four boxes were stacked on the floor, not the shelf…and in those boxes were “ultimate” bread makers for only $29.99.  I just about danced in the aisle!  Shouting across the aisle to the worker who tried to help me, ” I found them, I found them!” she came and helped put the box in the cart.  She was just as surprised and happy as I was over finding the coveted bread maker! 

     So now, I can contently mill my own gluten free grains, and bake the bread too,  This Little Red Hen Baker couldn’t be any happier!  God alone knows the frustration we have experienced over Daniel’s mysterious illness.  He has seen every tear, heard every prayer, and knows the unbelievable stress we’ve trudged through in the past two years.  He also knew I needed a bread maker and led me to a store I haven’t visited in a very long time. God is good all the time, whether I see Him or not, He is good whether I “feel” Him or not. He is good whether I hear His voice or not. He is GOOD all the time.