My Wish

        The days are fast approaching for the college graduation of our sweet Sarah baby.  As these undergraduate college days come to a close, my thoughts focus on her and all that I want to wish for her as she enters “real life” adulthood.  My wishes for her go way beyond the sappy a little sunshine and a little rain in all her days.  No, my wishes for her are realistic, encouraging and true lessons of life.

I wish for you the acknowledgement that life is very hard at times, but God is so very good.

I wish for you the ability to forgive when others hurt you and move on being a stronger person.  Forgiveness doesn’t make us forget the hurt, but it frees us from being entangled in bondage over it. When you forgive, you will walk in pure freedom.

I wish for you empathy for others, but also the wisdom of when to walk away from toxic people.  Everyone has their own hurts, love them but don’t let them become overbearing.

I wish for you a plan of how to manage your money wisely.  You are so generous and your finances will be hard earned.  Depend upon God to show you His plan for your finances.

I wish for you an unquenchable passion for your work, your gifts and your talents. Don’t ever stop having fun and enjoy child-like joyous moments.

I wish for you smiles, giggles and deep belly laughs just because we all need laughter.

I wish for you an appreciation of what you do well, what you need to improve and the discernment to know when to push yourself a little harder and when to step back and just wait in God’s grace.

I wish for you a daily quiet time that is just for you and God and no one will intrude on this precious time with your Savior.

I wish for you kindness, courtesy and just plain good manners,  The world is filled with rude people, may your graciousness soften their hardness. 

I wish for you a desire for God’s Word as the only truth and guide for your life.

I wish for you an acceptance that you are loved, adored, and appreciated. This fact will never change as the tides of life changes flow over you.

Now, Sarah, go…walk, skip, run on the path God has chosen for you.  Your mom will be cheering you on each step of the way.  You’re already a godly woman, now you will be a beautiful, humble obedient servant.  I wish for you to be able to hear every God whisper and for your life to willingly bend and mold to His perfect will for you. 

P.S. Have I told you how much I absolutely love and adore you?



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