Still Standing

      In church this morning I listened to a sermon so powerful, so intense and so profound that it literally took my breath away,   I’ve been visiting a local non-denominational church the past few Sundays and have been totally pulled in by the real life messages.  Today the pastor began a new series on preparing for the storms in our lives.  As scriptures reminds us it’s not a matter of “if” storms come, it is “when” they come.  He gave the analogy of when children play and run in a swimming pool. They run and run in one direction until a strong current is formed.  Then, when they stop suddenly and try to change directions the current keeps them from moving quickly and sometimes it is all they can do just to keep standing. What he said next literally took my breath away and caused tears to silently slide down my cheeks.  He told us to consider that God may using us to stand against the current, to stand in the storm, to stop the direction of generational sin. We are standing for God to use us to change our family history.

     Instant vivid flashbacks of abuse, verbal conflict, and pure dysfunctional family behavior flashed across my brain.  Unfortunately, I come from a line of generational sin that is miles long and still today tries to rear its ugly head.  As a child I witnessed and heard things that a child should never see or hear.  Part of it was due to family members being raised in alcoholism, and part of it was  family members exhibiting a mean spirit.  It is truly only through God’s delivering power and forgiveness that I have removed myself from the hurt, the abuse and the darkness.

      Especially in this past year, the roaring winds have blown, the storm has raged on and on with dealing with Daniel’s illness, going to doctor after doctor, paying bills we weren’t expecting and hoping and praying for answers.  At times. this storm that blew in from no where has seemed to completely consume us.  But, as I was reminded this morning, I am still standing and my children will be different, will be stronger, and will NEVER be entangled in the abuse of past generations.

       Yes, our storm still rages, and the clouds have not broken yet.  As with every storm, it eventually stops, you pick up the damaged pieces and you move on. I don’t know the medical answers for Daniel. I don’t know what career path Sarah will be taking. I don’t even know how all the bills are going to be paid.  But, I’m still standing against the current and I will be used by God’s Hands.  God is going to use this storm for His glory and I get to lead the pack into a new family generation of believers who trust without wavering.

One thought on “Still Standing

  1. Wow that is powerful but so true. I read one of my first devotions this morning from my early Mother’s Day gift Jesus calling devotional Do Not Search For Security. Fix your eyes not on what is seen (your circumstance), but what is unseen (My Presence). Isaiah 26:3; Corinthians 4:18 I love you with all my heart and pray for you every day.

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