On Hold

        We’ve all been caught up in the annoying on hold position while telephoning someone. It’s so frustrating to want to talk to someone and you either have to keep punching in different numbers or get caught on hold listening to music that grates on your last nerve. On hold is how our life has been in the past year.  Everything we ever knew, we ever trusted in a secular sense, and what we depended on has come to a screeching halt.  A child’s illness wracks your every fiber from the inside out, especially an illness that is still unknown and appeared out of nowhere to a perfectly healthy child.

      While we hang on in the on hold scenario, life has moved on leaving us in the dust.  College graduation with all its excitement, elation and eagerness is upon us.  Our hearts are heavy and worn out dealing with Daniel’s illness, but the accomplishment of our precious daughter will not be overlooked in any way.   Transitions are overruling our home now as the girls move back in with all their “stuff”, but we will adjust one day at a time.  There have been plenty of times, I’ve completed a monotonous chore, like unloading the dishwasher, while I was holding the phone on hold half-listening to obnoxious music.  So, while we are on hold, we will still move on.

      We will move on because even though we feel our lives are out of control, God is orchestrating every moment from His heavenly realm.  He has seen every tear drop, every sleepless night, every effort to make Daniel feel better.  Even though we are disappointed, disillusioned and sometimes defeated we will move on.  God will take this trial and turn it for His glory.  Moving on does not mean the exhaustion and the heartache is gone, it just means we will continue to step boldly in faith and trust.  On hold is not a place we would have chosen to be, but right now, it’s where we are.  Unlike waiting for a representative who might answer, we wait for the mighty LORD who will always answer our prayers. With our exhaustion, our wrenched hearts and our pure emptiness we will praise His Holy Name and move on.


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