Happy Birthday Daniel!

     Happy 17th birthday to my precious “baby boy”!  You are the youngest and made your surprise entrance into our world on Father’s Day Sunday seventeen years ago.  It’s taken seventeen years for your birthday to fall on Father’s Day again, but you are still the most cherished Father’s Day present we have.  You were born in the middle of some the worst adversity we faced as a couple. Your daddy had been downsized out of his job, he was very ill, and my mom had passed away just 10 days before your early arrival. 

     You, my precious son, were my link to sanity as I took care of your daddy. kept up with two little girls and grieved for my mother.  I probably rocked hundreds of miles in the rocking chair in the sun room as I held onto you, cuddled, kissed  and sang to you through tears.  Every moment of your childhood has been cherished, because we had been told we could not have anymore children after Rebekah was born.  Never, ever underestimate the pure power of God and His plan.

       Now, seventeen years later, you teeter on the boundary of becoming an adult man. Your dry sense of humor cracks me up every single time, and your questions and curiosity continue to amaze me.  You prefer to be a quiet, solid man of faith, but your foundation is firm and deeply rooted.  Even though these last two years of your life have been difficult, to say the least, you have never become bitter or wallowed in self-pity.  Even in illness, you inspire others though you never want any attention drawn to yourself.

     Happy Birthday to our youngest child. our unexpected blessing in life, our joy-giver and the one who always keeps us on our toes!  God has a mighty plan for you and I can’t wait to see it unfold.  Happy  Birthday to the red-headed boy we prayed for and we have been so abundantly blessed!


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