Excuse Me For A Moment

     Excuse me for a moment while I simply rejoice!  Summer is finally here, I do NOT miss the stress of work at all and I absolutely love being at home.  In the last two days, Daniel has mowed the back yard and rode his bike around the block. What he doesn’t know is his mama cried tears of pure joy watching him push those pedals.

     Excuse me for a moment while I have tiny glimpse of hope.  All of Daniel’s medical records have been given to a pediatric neurologist at St. Mary’s hospital for her fine tooth review.  She asked to see the records after conversing with his endocrinologist.  No, we don’t have a diagnosis yet, and we’re waiting on the latest lab results, but we are ever so slightly encouraged.  His trial medication has shown no adverse effects and this is the first time in two years any medication has even come close to attacking his fatigue level.

     Excuse me for a moment while I get ticked off….in our efforts to streamline and make our tight budget even tighter I made several phone calls in the last week.  I was following the Dave Ramsey financial advice of calling credit card companies and trying to negotiate a lower interest rate or lower payments until we can catch up on medical bills.  I was told in no uncertain terms that we did not qualify for any help or any hardship program because we are current on paying our bills. In other words, to qualify for any financial help to get us through this difficult time I would have to dishonor my family and purposely not pay our bills. By that time, our credit would be ruined as well.  So, by choosing to pay all our bills on time and being honest, we are not allowed to participate in available programs for someone going through a difficult time.  Some situations make a Christian girl just want to cuss out loud..really loud!

     Excuse me a moment while I feel reassured.  God has given me so many reassuring moments in the past few weeks.  In Walmart, I saw a lady wearing a t-shirt boldly stating in all capital letters:  I ABSOLUTELY TRUST GOD.  I walked past her, told her I loved her shirt and we high-fived each other in the middle of the aisle by the deli meats. God used a total stranger to get me through a very emotional day….AMEN!

     Excuse me for a moment while I allow myself to have a Jesus moment.  This past weekend we had several errands to run and of course, had to wait our turn in line with some of them. While waiting with my daughter Rebekah on Saturday, a stereo typical “homeless” man sat down next to us…gray scraggly hair, tattoos all over, baggy clothes.  He was eating a really juicy fresh peach and the juice was dripping off of his fingers and chin.  I started scrounging in my purse for a tissue, but Rebekah saw tissues before I did and handed him a handful. The smile and gratefulness from him immediately melted our hearts. We struck up a chit-chat conversation and I was totally drawn in by his kind crystal blue eyes.  A few minutes later he leaned forward and honestly asked me, “Do you have two quarters? I need it for bus fare home.”  I looked in my wallet, not knowing if I had any money at all, and found three quarters and pennies.  It was literally all the cash I had on me at the time.  Rebekah and I handed him the quarters. He was so grateful, shook our hands and left as quietly as he came. Driving home later, we were chatting about our encounter with him. Rebekah just adored the old man! And, yes, I’ve taught my children to not talk to strangers and to not give them money…but I reasoned that he simply could not go out and buy liquor or drugs with three quarters. She turned to me and said, “Mom, you never know, that could have been Jesus himself.”  Maybe so, and an old man who has a heart with “I love Jesus” tattooed on his arm totally captivated our hearts and attention on a busy Saturday afternoon.

     Excuse me a moment while I just be quiet and listen.  School is finally over along with the hectic schedule, the demands and the stress. I can finally just be still, quiet and truly listen. Life has been roller coaster for far too long.  It’s time to just sit it out, watch, listen and enjoy the moment. I raise my glass of diet Coke and toast to pure simplicity and silence to restore my battered soul.   “Be still and know that I am God.”  Ps.46:10


One thought on “Excuse Me For A Moment

  1. You have such a beautiful soul, you have to be an ANGEL straight from HEAVEN! OH YES ,I am lucky enough to have you as my Big Sister Too! I love you More than words can say, you truly are Bleesed with Gods strength ,You’ve made it through a tough road and you still never let go of Gods faith. YOUR A WOMAN OF GOD! I hope when I gow up in my faith I can be just like my BIG SiS.

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