Mama’s Bed

      A truly blissful Saturday morning….hot coffee, the newspaper and a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts shared in bed this morning.  First, Clif and I shared our donuts together all cuddled up underneath the covers. Then the girls crawled in the warm bed along with the 2 small dogs to indulge in their rare treat of doughnuts. It was definitely a “Kodak” moment with the girls sprawled on the bed eating doughnuts and the dogs poking around the covers looking for dropped crumbs and tiny pieces of glaze that had fallen.  A precious moment captured forever in memories of mama’s bed.

     It seems that over the years mama’s bed is where everyone tends to congregate, hang out and just chill.  Over our almost twenty five years of marriage, we have bought new mattresses twice and still have the same headboard and frame from day one of our life together.  A simple queen size bed, doesn’t matter how we rearrange the furniture, everybody ends up in mama’s bed somehow or someway.

     Mama’s bed has held every child, nursed a sick husband back to health and has chased every nightmare away.  Every child psychologist out there says to never put your babies in bed with you, but I did…every single one of them.  In mama’s bed, I held my babies tight, hugged them, kissed them, tickled them and talked long into the night to them.  Not even one child has “issues” with independence, self-esteem or confidence.  In Mama’s bed the world is not such an evil place when you’re cuddled and wrapped in warm blankets.

     In Mama’s bed, prayers are said in the middle of the night when Mama can’t sleep. To do lists are made on the paper pad beside the bed.  In Mama’s bed, relaxation is inevitable with propped up pillows, a cup of hot tea and reading a magazine before going to sleep. Tightly tucked in sheets are a must and a quilt on top is necessary for sound sleep and for mama’s cuddling purposes. 

     In Mama’s bed, a devotion book is beside the bed for a quick inspirational read before my feet even hit the floor.  The bedroom door is revolving for my children to come in, curl up and talk, talk, talk about anything and everything,  In mama’s bed, all barriers are broken down and nothing is too trivial to talk about or to share.  Sometimes, we just read quietly together, laugh over jokes on pinterest, or even watch a movie on a laptop.  There’s no schedule to follow or time restraint when you’re in mama’s bed. 

     Having a no good terrible horrible day? Come cuddle and get comfort on mama’s bed,  Having an awesome, wonderful day? Come celebrate and cuddle on mama’s bed.  Need to talk out an issue? Bring your own blanket and talk it out with no judgement on mama’s bed. Just don’t feel like talking? Come relax and just be still on mama’s bed.

     In mama’s bed, the tears have flowed, the laughter has rocked the bed, the naps have been savored, the prayers lifted up at all hours, and every crumb imaginable has been in the sheets.  Sound sleep, restless sleep, crowded sleep and everything in between has been in mama’s bed. 

     Mama’s bed, a haven, a refuge, and the place where everyone feels comfortable, cuddled and needed. Mama’s bed is cheaper than a psychiatrist’s couch, more comfortable than a counselor’s chair, and is more effective than most medical interventions.  It’s a wonder that the bed hasn’t broken over the years, but it still stands firm.  Every major appliance has been replaced in our home over the years, but mama’s bed remains the same: loving, accepting and readily available.


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