Time with Daddy

      This morning Mama had a date in Mama’s bed with Daddy.  No, it’s not what you’re thinking! All the kids were still asleep and we enjoyed our quiet morning with coffee in bed. We chatted about our kids, the budget and events for the week.  During the summer, this is one of my greatest luxuries, to actually have time with my husband and have a conversation without constant interruptions.  You’d think it would be easier now with our children grown, but the demands are still there along with the exhaustion that slowly creeps into your precious time. Early morning works for us because neither one of us can stay up past 10 pm!

     When the children were little, Mama was fine to play with, talk with and be with…until Daddy walked into the house! At that moment, toys were quickly neglected, Mama was totally ignored and little feet swiftly pitter-pattered across the floor.  Little arms went up for hugs and kisses, big grins and giggles erupted, as Daddy would swoop down and pick them up for cuddles. “Daddy’s Home!”  Those were the two words that led them to drop everything and run to their Daddy. There in Daddy’s arms was their security, comfort, strength and love.  No words were necessary as all the children were covered in kisses and warm hugs.

      Now, as adult children, they still love their time with Daddy each in their own different way.  Daniel loves to work in the yard and hunt with his Daddy.  Rebekah can target shoot with the best of them with her Daddy and Sarah prefers to have a quiet meal or a cup of coffee with her Daddy. The foundation was set when they were very young and our children definitely honor us as their parents.

      With the last two years of medical confusion and turmoil, I have totally depended upon my “Daddy” time with my heavenly Father.  My prayers have been cried out at every hour.  Prayers of despair, desperation and discouragement have left my lips and fell softly into the ears of my Abba, Father.  He has heard every single prayer and has answered in His own way, maybe not how I wanted or imagined, but He is still answering my pleas.  Now that we finally have a name for what’s going on with Daniel, it’s a little easier to grasp.  A diagnosis has not taken away the really “tired” days, but at least now we know it’s all a part of this rare syndrome.  My prayers have shifted from desperation to more gratitude and His hope has lifted my spirits a little at a time.  When you deal with an illness for this long, you don’t just automatically shift into, “I’m fine now”.  It takes time for every family member to heal, not just the one who is sick. Now, I am so grateful that I was NOT granted a summer school teaching position, God knew exactly what He was doing.  We’ve all needed to spend some time with “Daddy”, to heal, to refresh and to be restored.

     “Daddy’s Home!”  I’m dropping everything and running to my Father for His mighty arms to wrap me in hugs and whispers of, “It’s going to be okay.”



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