On Saturday, we got to spend a rare day as a family…all of us…together for an entire day with no interruptions, no work schedules, no distractions.  We packed a cooler with ice water, PBJ sandwiches and just took off for the day.  No scheduled hour by hour plans, just a stroll through Carytown in Richmond to meander through the shops and enjoy the break from the stifling heat wave.   It didn’t require tickets, payments or a ton of money, just time together to reconnect as a family.  Our summer schedules have been hectic with numerous doctor appointments, juggling different work schedules for the girls and keeping up with maintaining basic cleaning and laundry with all of us living together in a small 3 bedroom house.  Reconnection as a family was so desperately needed, a chance to be together and confirm we’re all in this together without any doubt. 

     Every family has their own way of reconnecting, but ours usually involves food of some kind and/or a great Goodwill bargain! Yesterday we got both…the girls found rock bottom prices on items with the original store tags still on them; and we got to purchase homemade bread at Montana Gold Bread with a 1/2 half off gift card I ordered online.  Definitely doesn’t take a huge price tag to make a Perkinson happy!  Simple things like walking together, laughing over funny sayings on plaques sitting on a store shelf and finding a bargain keep us connected. 

      I’m going to dare to use an analogy here that my girls will read and say, “whoa, mom, that’s way TMI (too much information), but I want to drive my point of the need to reconnect.  It’s almost like marital sexual intimacy.  Don’t mean to make anyone squirm,  but the sexual intimacy of the marriage bed is sacred and the ultimate in reconnecting. It’s no longer you and me against the world and all its trials, it becomes us, we, a whole, a team, becoming one to be there for each other no matter what the world may dish out at us.  This God-given gift of intimacy is an affirmation of togetherness, strength and it’s His holy approval to have fun with your spouse! Dare to reconnect with your spouse.

        Dare to deeply reconnect with your family.  Listen, hug, kiss your children even when they think they’re too old for kisses.  Tell them you love them every single day. Set boundaries and don’t let up on them.  Blow kisses to your spouse from across the room.  Send a romantic text.  Pet the dogs and give them an extra treat now and then. Go eat ice cream together.  Hold hands. Make a cake with lots of icing just because you love them.  Stand on your tiptoes to give your grown children a kiss on the forehead.

   Reconnect, reaffirm, recommit as a family. It’s a dare that you’ll win every single time.



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