Words :)

        Words we hear, we say, we see have a profound effect on our daily lives.  This past week, Daniel had a follow-up appointment with his neurologist.  After hearing about his current status, asking a few pointed questions she then stated the words we have longed to hear for over two years:  “He’s getting better!”  A rush of relief flooded over me, and a cautious hope filled within me.  No, he’s not completely well and I’m still treading cautiously in these unknown waters because I’ve been devastated by the emotional cycles of his syndrome.  A doctor was smiling and constraining herself from dancing across the room and we sat there in utter disbelief from the proclamation of her words.  Three little words have brought a cautious hope, a bright light in the darkness, and a solid anchor to hold onto as an affirmation of God’s healing power.   

      All of our children are grown now, and we have a precious granddaughter that simply rocks our world.  There has never been a day our children have not heard, ” I love you.” We haven’t filled their heads with “fluff” words or negative comments, but just affirming simple words:  “I love you, I support you, I’ve got your back, You are precious.  It doesn’t take a plethora of words to communicate, just thoughtful, careful words.  Affirm, encourage and reassure with simple words…you never know when God will use your words to change someone’s world.



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