Coffee, Prayer and Post-it Notes

     5:15 rolls around way too quickly each morning, but it’s in those wee dark hours when it’s just God, me and a cup of hot coffee.  I started this ritual way back in my college days at James Madison because I’m not a night owl and just could not stay up really late if my life depended on it.  Every morning, it’s the same routine, make the coffee, take a cup to Clif still snoozing the warm bed, and then I get to curl up on the love seat, prop my feet up and savor every sip of coffee. The scenery changes every season as I gaze out the windows in our sun room, but having my Bible, my journal and pens on the end table never change.  Ask my kids, if my Bible isn’t where it’s supposed to be, I turn into a crazy woman in 2 seconds flat!

     Having a morning routine like this doesn’t mean I’m a super woman or a perfect believer, it simply means I do this to survive each day. Life is hard and I wouldn’t be able to cope at all without my coffee and prayer.  It’s not formal, wordy prayers. Sometimes I just cry in my coffee cup when life is extremely overwhelming and just won’t let up. It’s not sing-song cheery praises; it’s prayers, pleas, and praises that come straight from my heart.  Some mornings, not a single word is written in my journal, or a word spoken but it’s still a sacred, wanted time with my Savior.  Other mornings, I can’t write the words fast enough and I’m shocked when the clock says 6:15 and I’ve got to run to take a shower for work. 

      Also, on the table with my Bible and pens is a stack of post-it notes.  They’re every size and color collected from every freebie source I can lay my hands onto at craft fairs, community gatherings and teacher workshops,  I’m not sure who invented the post-it notes, but they have earned every bit of my admiration.  I use them unmercifully for love notes, honey-do lists and don’t forget lists. In college (before they were invented) I used to use small magnets to attach notes to myself on my metal rectangular shaped desk lamp.  One evening while I was in the shower, my roommates took all my notes away and hid them as a practical joke…it wasn’t funny, I almost cried when I realized how dependent I was on notes so I wouldn’t forget something. 

      In our real world life here, it’s comforting to me have an early morning routine. I’m not advocating the early time for everyone. My children would probably be physically ill if they tried to get up so early.  I do encourage you to have your own routine and make your space personal and inviting, Of course, in the real world, that might be locking the bathroom door for five minutes! God meets us anytime, anywhere and He waits with open arms. Go, child, go, spend some time in Daddy’s lap. 



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