I Am Called

        This morning I read my devotional in Jesus Today by Sarah Young and the words jumped off the page and settled in my soul.  “I call you to lead the life that I have assigned to you and to be content.”  Lately, I have to honestly admit that my life has been anything but content.  Stress at school, with one more task always being added to my already overflowing plate totally unnerves me. Always juggling the checkbook and taking yet another hit with another unexpected payroll deduction leaves me even more frustrated.  Dealing with the constant strain of Daniel’s chronic illness has taken a heavy toll on our family.  So, to hear Jesus tell me in this devotional that this is the life He has assigned to me and to be content totally riveted my attitude.

     I am called to be a mother.  It was so easy when they were babies.  Yes, I was sleep deprived, but I could kiss them anytime I wanted to and snuggle up close to listen to them breathe.  Coordinated outfits adorned those sweet pudgy little bodies and diapers were in the house, in the car, in my purse and in the “carry everything but the kitchen sink” diaper bag.  As the babies grew into beautiful children I was the blessed called one to teach them right from wrong, instill God’s Word into their hearts, and kiss their scraped knees.  Middle school hormones rocked my world, but we all survived and didn’t choke each other in the process of growing up, letting go, and becoming respectful young adults.  Now, my children are adults and I am the called one to be their mom, their support, and their encourager. 

     I am called to be a teacher.  My profession is not my life, but it is a calling.  In teaching, it’s not about a test score, or planning a lesson.  It’s the delicate balance of knowing when to push a child a little further or just to step back and encourage the effort shown.  Teaching special needs children for all these years has been not just a job, but a ministry.  Academics are only a small portion of teaching; life skills to build character have to be intertwined delicately and deliberately. I am called to mold their precious lives into a love of learning and a love for life itself.

     I am called to be a believer.  Being a believer means I don’t wear rose-colored glasses and pretend everything is fine just because I love Jesus.  Perhaps, this is the toughest calling of all.  It’s being real when life circumstances have sucked the life out of you and there’s no energy left.  Being a believer means you hang on, keep working, and keep trusting when it’s so dark you can’t see your hand in front of your face.  Waiting for a healing, waiting for a miracle, waiting for a break-through is all part of the divine calling. 

    I am called to this life I lead.  Pay the bills, buy the groceries, clean the house, walk the dogs and I will be content.  Love my children, teach my students, keep praying for healing for Daniel and I will be content.  Hug my friends, cook in my kitchen, love my husband more now than I ever have and I will be content.  Laugh a lot, read my Bible, listen to my “Jesus music” and I will be content.  I am called to this life I lead and I will be content forevermore.


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