I am being refined.  God is squeezing, pounding, pulling and molding me and I am squirming away like a child scared of discipline.  My trust level is being stretched to its limits and my faith is clinging to God’s promises.   God is using this time in my life of one trial after another to change me, to transform me and to prepare me for something better.  He is in charge and I need to let go and allow Him to be totally sovereign. 

      Lord Jesus, pry my fingers away from routine security and allow me to hold your mighty hand.  May my steps follow you and not wander off on a path of my own.  Take this wrenched mother’s heart and open my eyes me to see healing for my son.  Give me your wisdom to make the best decisions possible for him to finish high school.  I can’t and won’t do this alone, dear LORD, I so desperately need You. 

     Remove any negative thoughts that enter in my head and replace them with your memorized Word.  Squelch any self-critical thoughts and destroy my tendency to compare my trials and situation to others around me.  My confidence comes from you alone and in you I am complete.  Surround me in Your Word, and Your glorious creation to prevent me from sinking into darkness.

    Lord, I submit, I surrender to your holy refining process.  Refine me to the perfection you expect in my life.  Transform me and prepare me for the next season in my life. You know me better than I know myself.  You alone know what is best for me.  Illuminate your waysl so I may obediently walk in your path.  I am being refined as silver in the scorching fires and I submit.



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