My Wish for You

         To my dearest Rebekah,

     As you graduate from Longwood University I impart to you some words of wisdom, some prayers and some insights as you enter into the “real” world of a full-time job of teaching elementary students and establishing yourself as a young woman.  My precious girl, I wish for you:

  • discernment of when to nurture a student and when to make them step up to the plate and produce their very best
  • a sense of gratitude for all of life’s blessings, even when they don’t seem like blessings
  • the energy it takes to do one more task even though you’re exhausted
  • an endless drive to produce excellence in all you do
  • time to be with your Creator and Savior, and not allow the “busyness” of life to intrude on this precious time
  • hugs to wrap around you when you begin to doubt your career choice, your decisions or just life in general
  • your heart to be sensitive to children’s needs even when they are racking your last nerve
  • your eyes to see beyond an academic curriculum and imagine who your students will really be one day

You, my precious one, are the one who swore she would never be a teacher…and now look what God has done.  He has molded, reshaped, and divinely designed you to be the one who will touch young lives eternally. For when those children look at you, hungry for attention, eager to learn and demanding every bit of your devotion…they will see Jesus.  I am humbled by His greatness and forever grateful for His gift of you to me.  I love you forever and always.